Frequently Asked Questions

What is bespoke made to measure tailoring?

A bespoke suit is simply a suit that is created for one individual to their own specific requirements and measurements.


What is the process of buying a bespoke suit?

We ask that you book an appointment in advance. Your appointment is an hour long uninterrupted consultation, giving you the opportunity to  design your suit in private. When you come for your appointment, you will be shown the wealth of cloth we have to choose from for your suit (mostly from mills in Scotland). Once you pick your cloth, you will be measured up and we will discuss what kind of suit you would like and what details will make it unique to you.


Where are ten30 bespoke suits made?

Every garment that ten30 sells is made in the UK and we’re very proud about the transparency of our supply chain. Our suits are tailored in Yorkshire, by a family run company who work closely with tailoring houses on Savile Row and Jermyn Street in London. We are the only Scottish company to work with our Yorkshire tailors.


How long does it take to make a bespoke suit?

Around 8-9 weeks from your first appointment. Our tailors will make you a try-on, which will be the outer shell of your suit, hand tacked together. This will arrive after around 4 weeks and we will ask you to come in and try it on, making any alterations and confirming the details (pocket styling, button colour etc) the suit then goes back to the tailors where it’s finished off and delivered to us for you to pick up.


Do I need to buy the whole suit at once?

Absolutely not. We can fit you for a jacket, a waistcoat or trousers separately if you like, or we can take all your measurements at once and you can stagger which garments you want first.


What fabrics can I choose?

We pride ourselves on using Scottish cloth like Harris tweed and Johnston’s of Elgin cashmere. We have a wide selection of tweeds, cashmeres, lambswool and merino as well as worsted wools. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we have great relationships with the mills and we’ll be happy to source exactly what you want.



Why does a bespoke suit cost what it does?

There are really only 3 aspects of a suit that determine price;

Where it’s made – all of our suits are made in Yorkshire, by highly skilled and experienced tailors, a family run business that have been doing it for years.

How it’s made – all of our suits have a half canvass and padded lapel construction. Meaning a sturdy horsehair canvas is tacked into the chest of the suit, giving structure and shape that moves and moulds to your shape over time. High street suits don’t have this canvas and will “bubble” over time and wear

What it’s made from – we only use fabric from mills in the UK, mainly in Scotland. These mills are historically known for only using the best raw materials and have meticulously high standards in manufacturing. Cashmeres, wools and tweeds from the UK are considered some of the best in the world.

The last point to consider is rarity – your bespoke suit is yours, no one else’s. Your measurements are as unique as your imagination, you will never bump into someone wearing the same ten30 suit as you.


How do I pay for my suit?

We want to make things as comfortable and manageable for you as possible.

Once you place an order after your consultation, we ask for a 30% non refundable deposit. After that it’s up to you how you pay, you can pay the outstanding balance when you pick up your finished suit, or spread the cost over the weeks whilst it gets made.

We accept cash and all major credit & debit cards in store. For bank transfers and payment options, please get in touch –


If after reading that you can’t wait to get started with your own suit, book an appointment to come see us.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, or have anything else you want to know about our bespoke suit service, get in touch –


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